My Network

MyNetwork is an application that allows you to share short messages and photos with you friends across different communication channels such as SMS/MMS, Twitter or Facebook. By reaching them by different means on the go we can use our network as a distributed decision support system.

Key Insights and Projections
During our research we observed that teenagers use social networks on a daily basis to communicate with their ‘friends’. They define anybody they have met or just gotten to know online as an online friend. Because of that, having a network e.g. on Facebook with 300 connections is nothing unusual. More mature and tech savvy professionals use social networks as well. Though the purpose is slightly different and more business oriented (e.g. They use LinkedIn) the core value i.e. ‘staying in touch’ is still valid.

When it comes to mobile phone usage, teenagers that have grown in the era of instant messaging and Facebook chats prefer SMS text messages over voice communication. They perceive it as a faster channel and something that they can do while multitasking (e.g. talking to somebody else face-to-face).

When internet connection on mobile phones will become more affordable people will use even more different channels of communication on their mobile. Current Twitter app mania on iPhone platform seems to confirm that.

First we spend few day on user research (face to face and via Skype or Facebook chat). We wanted to investigate which channels of communication are being used in which situation. Based on that and our projections, we developed some concepts. After doing scenarios for them we choose “my network” as the strongest concept and shot a video scenario for it. In the video we used various GUI mockups developed in Flash Lite for mobile devices.