What is the service?
Mapme is a framework for a corporate service which provides employees with personalised information about their daily travel habits and patterns, transforming an everyday routine into a conscious choice.

Why is it valuable for the people who use it?
MapMe works on 2 different layers:

  1. It gives the employees awareness of the different travel options they have and the impact related to those options (personal and environmental)
  2. It gives the companies a powerful tool to understand and facilitate the employees daily travel routine, improving their health, stimulating their community sense, adding value to their time.

What are critical success factors for the service?
Mapme is strongly related to the feedback that users provide the system with. By harvesting this data the service improves its precision and affinity to the employees needs. Also Mapme has to tie up with third party services and systems in order to provide some of its functions. Suggested 3rd party services are:

  1. Mapping software – Google or DSB mapping system
  2. Bike rental opportunities
  3. Widget design for data harvesting

What are your insights on working with experience prototyping?
It was valuable to for us as a team to consider ourselves as the Mapme company, and take the different roles within the organisation – it not only helped clear up individual roles but also helped work out the kinks in the service.

We found that with an experience prototype the user has direct contact with the experience and has a better understanding of our concept. What’s good about that is that when we got feedback it seemed to be honest. The user responded to the experience rather than the concept.