Copenhagen Cards

What is the service?
The Copenhagen Card is a service that allows people to challenge themselves, know more about their travel habits and compare their behaviours with everyone else. It’s a mystery, a treasure hunt, a city wide adventure.

The service is built upon the new travel card, call Rejsekort, which is going to be launched in few months as an agreement between all the public transportation companies in Copenhagen.
As starting point, we decided to promote this new card with a treasure hunt around all the city by using public transportation.

People sign up on a website and receive: a welcome pack with the Rejsekort and some information about it; one Copenhagen map; some information about sustainability; and the first clue. As the game starts, people learn immediately how simple and comfortable it can be to go everywhere using the Rejsekort and the public transportation.

During the treasure hunt people are challenged with some sustainability questions to reach the next clue. People would learn a lot about sustainability while competing for the best score at the end of the game.

After a month, people receive another pack as a reward from the treasure hunt. Inside this pack they will find the travel data collected for the participants from the treasure hunt day and a web address to introduce the long-term service. We thought having access to this data would encourage people to change their own habits and behaviours.

The website provides the user with a monthly report about their travel habits. Each user can compare their behaviour with their neighbours and the community around them.

The website gives the possibility to register for other services regarding public transport offers such as an sms service to be notified about train delays, information on where to rent a bike, or an every-day sms with a little eco-challenge for the day. It also allows you to track your family members by routine travel routes and provides the possibility to be part of a time bank in your territory, where you share your skills and others share theirs through a time exchange. All of these services are based on the data travel collected by your travel card.

Why is it valuable for the people who use it?
People learn how to use the travel card and at the same time learn new things about sustainability in a playful and easy way. Having access to visualisations of their personal travel data from many different services means people can make educated choices on the most sustainable way to travel.

What are critical success factors for the service?
A city treasure hunt is very fun for every age. All of the touch-points need to work seamlessly so people enjoy exploring the city and learning about sustainability in a very easy and playful way.

What are your insights on working with experience prototyping?
We made a lot of different experience prototypes. The first one was to understand the most effective way to give information about sustainability. We discovered that the best way was ask to the person look around him and answer simple questions about everyday topics such as trees, cars and bikes. The second was a home treasure hunt, where we explored how to formulate the right clues. The third one was an outdoor treasure hunt with two teams competing – where we noticed the dynamics of groups and the strength generated around competition. The last one was an experience prototype about a person’s reaction to their travel data.