Hello World

What data did you collect?

We asked five people to perform greetings typical to their culture: Denmark, USA, India, Italy and South Korea. We strapped a Wii remote to their head and hand to measure acceleration of movement (such as a bowing head, shaking hands and an American high-five).

How did you visualise the data in Processing?

In order to draw abstract curves and circles I used a simple physical simulation, with a spring being weighed down by gravity. The acceleration data was used to provide energy to the spring and their trails were recorded.

How did you turn these visualisations into a poster?

First, I rasterised all vector lines which were drawn in Processing to bitmap style then
I rotated the visualisation 90 degrees and placed it on the left of the poster in Photoshop. Then I added some typography with the title of the poster and the names of the countries and typical greetings.