What data did you collect?

We wanted to visualise 6 typical greetings for different countries, so we recorded the movement of the head and the right-hand of each greeting gesture by strapping a Wii remote to the body.

How did you visualise the data in Processing?

I used simple geometry to simulate the greetings gesture.The set of squares visualise the right-hand movement and the set of ellipses represent the movement of the head. This data was set by the pitch value recorded by the Wii remote. The colour of the shapes change according to the Wii remote roll value.

How did you turn these visualisations into a poster?

I took a screenshot for each second of the Processing animation (one every 32 frames). Between 8 and 12 images were collected for each country, according to the gesture span. These images were displayed in a chart: countries are listed on the X-axis with time on the Y-axis. This makes it possible to compare typical greeting movements at the same instant.