Greetings from Five Different Countries: We asked people from Italy, India, Denmark, USA and Korea to perform greetings typical to their cultures. During these greetings, we strapped a Wii remote to their head and hand to measure and record acceleration.

How did you visualise the data in Processing?
I used the data of the movement of the head in the greetings for my poster. The pitch and roll of the Wii remote have been used as variables to create ellipses with a shape that varies according to the head movement in the greeting.

How did you turn these visualisations into a poster?
I chose two different colours, black and red, to distinguish the pitch from the roll. I placed the five figures created by the ellipses on the poster and added the names of the five different greetings to make it visible what figure matches with what country. USA: Hello, Denmark:Goddag, India:Namaste, Italy:Ciao and Korea:Annyung.