What data did you collect?

We attached a Wii remote to hands of five people from different countries to measure acceleration of their movements. Then we asked them to perform greeting typical in their cultures and recorded data incoming from the Wii remote.

How did you visualise the data in Processing?

I rendered five streams of cubes, one for each person, in 3D. Each cube corresponds to one sample of data, acceleration in the X-axis controls rotation and acceleration. The Y-axis controls the size. Additionally, different colors were used the for cubes in each stream to make it easier to distinguish which data belongs to which person.

How did you turn these visualisations into a poster?

I created interactive sketch where I could play with some parameters of the visualisation by moving mouse across the screen while the structure evolved over time. After choosing the most interesting patterns I added first ‘DSGN’ and then ‘GREET’ as a title to them, plus my logo.