What is Data?

What data did you collect?

We used a Wii remote to collect the movement of 10 boys and 10 girls while they write ‘A, B, C’. This data was recorded as five values: X-axis acceleration; Y-axis acceleration; Z-axis acceleration; roll; and pitch.

How did you visualise the data in Processing?

There were five values for each user. I mapped each value to a specific transparent coloured circle and ran the program to draw a graph on the screen for one minute. Everyone had their own pattern.

How did you turn these visualisations into a poster?

I discovered that the pattern looked like a feather, so I organised ten boy’s feathers for one group and did the same for the girls. I gave the boy group a cold color-tone and the girl group a warm-tone. Finally, I added a title and pasted the codes on the left side. Then I arranged the composition of the whole image.