The Sting

Steve is swimming along when you and your gang of stingrays show up. The hunter becomes the hunted and your tail is up for the sting – happy hunting!

My first idea was to build a fish tank enabling user interaction through the Wii remote. Creating geometrical shapes and sizes allowed me to train my skills in processing and continue working on the metaphor that I developed in the first exercise. The challenge was to use simple shapes put together to create objects that could be given physical properties and simulated behaviour.

The project took a radical turn when the idea of creating a game arose in a crazy moment on the Wednesday. The result is a highly inappropriate game in which a Stingray controlled by the player is on the hunt for a crocodile hunter.

Using the real-time feed from the sensors in the Wii remote the player controls the white stingray that is moving forward at a constant pace. By tilting the remote to the right /left it changes direction. Button A respawns / restarts the game and button B gives you an extra boost of speed. The game ends when you hit Steve with your tail.