The Organism

The Organism is connected to my fascination with organic material. All layout was made in Processing, which was interesting as I had never used it before. With a background in visual communication and graphic design, using programming and math to create images and layout was a completely new experience. Working with interaction through abstraction and letting the user co-create the imagery proved to be very rewarding for the process as well as the visual output and final expression.

The Organism reacts to the different acceleration input from the Wii remote. When you move the remote up in vertical position, the saturation in the ‘heart’ of the organism increases and the red colour deepens. When you point the Wii to to ground, it desaturates. Shaking the Wii makes the red bubbles grow and shrink. Rolling the Wii will make the smaller bubbles pulsate according to the speed of your movements. The A-button activates the sound of bubbles.

It is a quiet exploration of the inner works of an organism. People try to find a rythmic pulsation, maybe to replicate how our own pulse is beating