The Doodle-Drink-Assembler is an interactive drink-mixer that enables you to taste whatever your draw.

By tracking the movement of your brush (a Wii remote) while you draw, the Doodle-Drink-Assembler records your movement across each axis (yawn, pitch, roll, tilt-up and tilt-down) and stores each individual movement in the one of the 5 ‘axis-tanks’. When you are finished, the Assembler calculates the ratio between the amounts stored in the 5 tanks, converting them into 5 different ingredients (lemon, liquor, sparkling water, color and juice). The Assembler then shows you (and the bartender mixing the physical drink) the five ingredient measurements in cl.

Users don’t know which movement corresponds to which ingredient so the exploration factor is high, especially in finding the axis for your favorite ingredient. Each drawing is unique so each drink and taste will be as well.

Tip: A drawing of a meadow under a starry sky will result in a strong drink. While a drawing of a smiley face with lots of curly hair will result in a weak and blue drink.

How to operate:
– Hold A button to start your drawing and release it when you’re done.
– Wait for the Doodle-Drink-Assembler to process your drawing into a drink.
– Drink up!
– Press A + B button to reset the assembler