During the pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus, life around mobility, education, retail, gastronomy, events, and entertainment has changed drastically. 

In such a situation, obtaining a reliable source of news has become critical. However, people around the world face the problem of being swayed by the mass media without being able to ascertain the authenticity of the information.

Nuom is a concept product that authenticates the news people read in real-time.

The video follows the story of a mom who undergoes the state of being anxious about COVID-19 news and keeps messaging her son. By depicting the interaction between a son and a mother, the video shows how this product helps oneself authenticate the news, reduce stress and stabilize one’s feelings during times of extreme uncertainty.

The concept was first developed based on research and insights around how to help people to continue performing their daily life activities during COVID-19. A story was developed further by drawing on the question, “what if we could check the accuracy of news in real-time?”.