During the height of Covid-19 lockdown, everyone was asked to work from home. However, for some people such as gardeners, taxi drivers and housekeepers, that was not an option. These people in the service industry had to continue their work to get a basic income to provide for their families. The team explored a solution that could help these people gain confidence when commuting around the city.

Navi is a two-fold system that aims to provide its users with a safe navigation to and from work. First, powerful sensors, that can detect virus pathogens, are placed around the city infrastructure providing real time feedback in a specific area: green light when it is safe and red when it is contaminated. On the other hand, these sensors are connected to the Navi App that suggests users alternate but safer routes when there is danger ahead. Further, Navi’s real time heat-map can inform health officials to attend potential situations as soon as possible.

The team produced a design video in which a user testimonial, a designer interview and the user experience were showcased. Some challenges faced by the team were to shoot during nighttime; and to complete post-production remotely due to lockdown restrictions.