FomoNomo is a product that provides an immersive experience of being at a live event.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic surfaced, countless events like cultural festivals, music concerts, sports championships, etc. were cancelled. The main question that the team set out to answer was: How might we recreate these experiences for people who are isolated at home during the pandemic?

In terms of the video, the main protagonist had just found out that the concert he booked tickets for almost half a year ago was cancelled. With the FomoNomo app, users could order their very own DIY festival kit. Some of the components included AR glasses, a concert t-shirt with music vibration sensors, surround sound devices with microphones and other exclusive merchandise. Users are also able to see and hear other concert-goers activating their DIY kits from all over the world.

The team created a storyboard and a shot list, making sure to account for the b-roll footage as back up. The first half of the video was intentionally slow-paced and created a sense of sadness. This was achieved by taking long shots and using muted color tones. For the second part, we took tight shots with fast cuts between scenes and bright colors to show that the user does not feel alone anymore. To add to this effect, the team shot the concert video with close-ups of the characters using the products.