This course was a week long exploration in how one can use video to quickly prototype ideas. Shelter-in-place regulations in Costa Rica was a major constraint at the time and teams had to mainly work remotely. This constraint helped the team understand and test new ways of socializing without being face to face with others. The team looked at different ways one could socialize with others and still have a sense of camaraderie and companionship that gets lost when everyone is unable to physically meet up.


These were the conditions that led to the concept of Ball.cón, a physically distant sport for the current times. Ball.cón encourages people from all over a large urban environment to be able to play together and socialize in a significant way. The game can be played with however many people want to join and can span entire cities. Score is kept by how many rallies are had with how many people and the game ends when someone misses. When the game ends, the score is broadcast and compared to other cities across the globe, encouraging healthy competition between cities and countries.