Spreading Seeds

“Spreading Seeds” is a speculative experience to celebrate the launch of a partnership with Las Cruces Research Station and the first “Mission to Mars.”

In a world where everyone feels disconnected from one another and from the natural world as well, it’s often challenging to think about how individuals might create new experiences to enhance human and nature connections. This is especially true for areas like Las Cruces Biological Center that may change dramatically due to climate change in the future.

“Spreading Seeds” was a speculative project that was developed in a future world where climate change was so detrimental that humans started to colonize Mars. This project culminated in a celebratory experience for Las Cruces as they launched a new partnership with the first “Mission to Mars”. The conceptual experience included developing new activities for the center and a dining experience for participants celebrating Las Cruces’ role in the natural world. These activities, including having one of the Las Cruces’ plants on a spaceship to Mars, helped to enhance human and nature connections.

The concept was created over two days using a speculative approach to imagine a future world severely impacted by climate change. In order to make this future realistic, several videos were created to simulate some of the future celebratory activities, including augmented reality tours of the site. Additionally, a dining experience prototype was developed for people to immerse themselves in. The final concept culminated into a presentation to future Las Cruces leadership.

Some of the key learnings for this project included:

  • Prototyping can help create quick changes that can make a big impact on a project
  • Speculative methods can be useful in creating future worlds that everyone can understand