Las Crucentenario

The team developed a low fidelity UI for an augmented experience for visitors to celebrate 100 years of Las Cruces biological research station. We launched ‘Las Crucentenario’ – a guided experience designed to enhance the human-nature connection.

A paired device including ear pieces and and AR wristband, called ‘The Rodo’, delivers a virtual guide through diverse activity options for the celebration day. For example, the morning starts with a seated meditation led by wise monkeys, followed by a “time sight hike” that allows for viewing past and future landscape formations on the trail. “Birds-eye view” gives visitors the experience of seeing through the eyes of a Toucan. The days’ festivities conclude with a campfire accompanied by Mr Rodo, the former caretaker of Las Cruces – personified in hologram – who tells stories of the past.

The team applied newly acquired skills in norming, brainstorming, time-boxing, and the 4-player model approach. In retrospect, the team considers their “can do” attitude and skill sharing as positive outcomes of their process. Some challenges noted by the team were to manage equal talk time and align on ideas. Finally, the team agreed some opportunities for improvement were to immerse deeper into the context of the brief, conduct energy check-ins and connect the research and ideation phases in a more structured way.