It’s the year 2062 and Las Cruces Biological Research Station is celebrating 100 year since its foundation. The CreativiTREES team designed an education approach to celebrate the connection between young new generations and the preserved nature in an exciting weekend camp-getaway for kids.

On the first day of camp, every kid received an interactive journal log for the weekend to track their learning. The kids had a connected learning experience with a synesthesia glove connected to their nervous system which allowed them to explore the forest augmenting their 5 senses by touching the natural elements. 

The second day, the kids played with a DIY Box, with the DNA collected from different plants and insects that simulated new life forms in the DIY box and visualized their creation with realistic-looking holographic creatures. 

On the third and last day, the kids gathered together in the great hall to share and celebrate their learnings and connection with nature, they created real time audiovisual sculptures and unforgettable digital performances. 

The project envisioned a future where Las Cruces Biological and Research Station plays a key role in nature heritage and inspiring the next century generation to keep the preservation legacy of nature with technological connected experiences.