2062 Audio Experience

In the year 2062, what role does a place like the Las Cruces Biological Research Station play in society?

Earth is becoming increasingly inhabitable. In order to let the planet heal, humans have begun terraforming Mars. In the absence of natural systems, they rely on advanced technology to feed and support themselves. Realizing their missteps, the human race is desperately seeking ways to restore their balance with nature.

In this world, Las Cruces is one of the last natural Edens on Earth. Its purpose is to preserve the remaining biodiversity on Earth in addition to teach humans on how to live in harmony with nature.

The 2062 Audio Experience was an immersive prototype that welcomed visitors to the 100th anniversary of Las Cruces in 2062. In this scenario, simple pleasures that people take for granted today – like eating fresh fruit or simply basking in nature – served as powerful and humbling reminders why nature is inseparable from our own humanity.