Supersight Panache

During the Supersight workshop, students were introduced to a critique on the attributes of Augmented Reality and the potential uses of this technology. Make-it-Yours, Newbie and SanitARy were Team Panache’s explorations around the themes: fashion and retail; fusion of work and plan; and autonomy and cities.


An AR supported App that allows users to scan other people’s clothes, customize them and make them their own. Make-it-Yours approaches a fashion industry future in which customers can co-design their clothes and where conventional sizes will not be relevant anymore.

An on-boarding experience that makes use of AR to guide new employees into a welcoming first day at work. Newbie makes use of gamification, to encourage its users to learn their new co-workers’ names and share experiences together.

An AR map that suggests navigation routes based on public spaces sanitization. The users get real-time visual feedback on how sanitized a place is.