Money Museum / Mirror Mirror

The two projects were each conducted over one day. Each project was an exploration of how one could use AR to allow improved daily human experiences.



Money Museum is an app that allows us to learn about different notes, and by effect also about the culture and history of different countries. It is created for travelers, those who are about to explore different cultures and histories, as well as young learners who are more likely to be engaged visually. 

To use it, one can simply use their phone to look at a note, this instantly picks up and recognizes the images and starts to pull out information on it. This virtual pop out adds a playful aspect to the learning tool. 

The learning experience allows people to utilize something used every day as an educational tool. 



Mirror Mirror is a smart mirror concept that allows you to easily monitor your basic health. It is for anyone who is health-conscious or experiencing declining health.

Users can simply walk up to a mirror, place their hand on its surface, and as a result, the sensors will detect the person and be able to supply necessary information on their health, as well as feedback on what they can do to improve their situation.  

This style of health checks makes the daunting process of going to the hospital more accessible and routine. The key learnings were that it is best to try to make technology as human as possible. In the short video, it can be seen that the mirror makes a pleasant comment about how the user is doing.