Spatial Computing was about learning the evolution of the eyes and exploring what chould be visualised using augmented reality. The human eye is the mirror to the world, and one of the crucial senses that enables all moving life in decision making.

Multiple single day project explorations introduced the team to different AR-based concepts and possibilities. For the final deliverable, the team decided to create a concept called “Lie-AR”, designed to detect a human lie based on the person’s voice and facial expression. 

As an intuitive product, smart glasses were decided for this concept to be implemented on. The device is activated by double-tapping on the side of the device, thereby starting the voice and facial expression analysis. Once it detects a lie, a notification pops up and displays for the wearer whether people in front of them are lying or not.

This class was a good opportunity to understand the existing use cases of augmented reality and question ourselves “How do we want our eyes to evolve?”.