AR Trip

AR Trip was a week-long spacial computing exploration of augmented reality and its applications. The team was given a different brief for three days producing a short video showcasing the idea each day. The projects are as follows

ARecord: ARecord is a concept for health care workers. They are able to get information about the patient, such as medical past and allergies as well as real-time updates of heart rate and blood pressure thus being able to give immediate care. This was done as an exploration of ways AR systems can be utilized in professional environments.

hungAR: hungAR is an exploration of how AR systems, embedded in daily objects, such as glasses, or refrigerators, can help people to get ideas on what to eat with what they already have, showing them the product and the portion needed for a specific recipe. This concept is driven by the idea of avoiding food waste, based on the experience of people who buy food but forget they have it, or just don’t know what to cook with it, until it is no longer safe to eat.

FindARent: FindARent is an application designed to help people find homes for sale or rent while driving through a neighborhood. When the user finds a home they are interested in, they can book a showing appointment though FindARent.

AR Trip demonstrated ways to quickly prototype concepts for augmented reality to explore applications before lots of time is invested into building the applications.