Anti-Mansplaining Filter & Other Explorations

Anti-Mansplaining Filter, Intelligent Expiry Detector, and Water Consumption Calculator were mini explorations developed during the 3-day Supersight workshop.

Answering the question ‘What do people need to see’ with the use of augmented reality, the team was tasked to explore 3 areas – human interaction, food production, and industrial application. The class focused on the critique on augmented reality and the main tool used was After Effects. 

Anti-Mansplaining Filter

A filter that can be applied to online webinars and chat rooms. Once the filter detects a male participant mansplaining (usually happens in a man-woman interaction where the man proceeds to explain things in a condescending manner), a notification appears and the offending participant’s audio is muted for 10 minutes. 

Intelligent Expiry Detector

A smart refrigerator that lets the user know what foods are close to expiration date. The user slides their finger along the fridge’s physical interface for the ‘expiry detector’ to activate. The feature intention is to reduce food waste in homes, offices and restaurants. 

Water Consumption Calculator

A digital interface that activates once the user switches on the water faucet in their home. The interface displays their current water consumption compared to historical consumption, plus how much money the user is spending while using the faucet. The concept’s intention is to make the user reflect on the importance of saving water by realizing how much money is being spent on it.