Loov is a smart toilet that analyzes stool and urine samples, providing recommendations to users on a daily basis.


Everyday, humans record various vital data including their heart rate, calories, blood sugar levels, etc. Eventually, everything that goes into and out of their bodies, will be analyzed. For the “Prototyping as a Process” class, the team worked around the concept of a toilet for household users that could analyze its content and provide real time medical feedback. 

Loov is everyone’s daily analyzer. Every time the user makes use of Loov, it will detect and inform abnormalities in the user’s stool and/or urine samples. Overall results will be displayed on a wall device, while more detailed data can be found in the Mobile App, with the option of accessing medical history and sharing results with medical professionals in case of abnormality.

Various iterations of prototypes were created during the design process. The first iteration involved low fidelity paper prototypes that helped gather user feedback on the functionality of the concept and the comfort level with electronic devices in the bathroom area. This allowed the team to proceed in further iterations with higher fidelity including a digital interface. This process allowed the team to overcome the challenges of providing a hygienic experience for users and showing medical information in a friendly and non-intimidating way.