A gentle companion for older adults to aid in daily task completion. Align uses interactive blocks to visually represent tasks. Loved ones can also use the app to see their older family members progress. 

With an ageing population, it is increasingly important to devise ways of ensuring that older adults can live safely and independently in their own homes for as long as possible. A common problem for ageing populations is to remember tasks without guidance. Because of this, interviews with older adults and caretakers were conducted in order to understand their feelings, expectations and troubles. It was discovered that older adults don’t appreciate being nagged and caretakers don’t want to be in a tense position. Align surged as a result of this, a solution that helps motivate older adults to accomplish daily tasks in a gentle and unobtrusive way.

Align’s intent is to strengthen the will power of people over 65 years old by finding a balance between independence and companionship. The team’s purpose is for older adults to recognize the power they have to accomplish their tasks.

Each block represents a task (could be assigned through the Align app). At the beginning of each day, the stack is disordered. Once a task is completed, each designated block rotates back to home base to indicate the task is completed. If the adult cannot remember what task is assigned to a particular block, they can simply pick it up and listen to the block’s audio feature to recall it. When all tasks are completed, the blocks will align, giving the user a sense of accomplishment.

The team did several rounds of prototyping to ensure the ‘magic moment’ (key interactions) was understood without further explanation, but most importantly, to verify that the user’s concerns were being addressed.