Forest Chimes

At times, humans fail to recognise how present wind can be. However, the power of wind is such that it is responsible for creating life, energy and even natural disasters. Forest Chimes is a team’s exploration around wind.

At first, the explorations included the use of wind chimes that would turn on LEDs upon collision. The team went to an observatory tower and explored how different heights and microclimates affected the chimes’ movement. When the placement of the chimes were higher, it experienced greater wind velocity – allowing us to understand how nature (wind) powers things naturally in a serene manner. This was later showcased with an indoor demonstration of the chimes moving and powering on a turbine made of natural material (canopy leaves).

The project aims to cement one’s understanding of how nature plays a role in defining natural movement. An interesting finding from this project was that no matter the elevation, the speed of the wind can be unpredictable due to canopy sheltering. This can drastically alter the experience but can also serve as an unpredictable delight, one that is key to nature.