Store.y is a digital book that allows children and their parents to create original bedtime stories with the help of machine learning.

Bedtime stories for young kids are usually something they look forward to for their nightly routine. Reading stories aloud is a great way for children to wind down for the night, bond with their parents, and expose them to new ideas. However, most kids typically choose a handful of books that are continuously read every night. What if there was a new way of storytelling where the children and parents could create their own storybook?

Store.y was created to help spark the kids’ imagination by creating their own story. It’s a new way of storytelling that uses audio recognition to capture spoken words and is then translated into a visual storybook. Speech input and machine learning create the imaginary world of children controlled by linguistic structures.

Store.y works in four parts. First, the audio is recorded in real-time. As someone is speaking, machine learning picks up on words and generates the chosen words into text. Then, the spoken word from children or parents is then translated into a beautiful illustration in real-time. Finally, the story and it’s data is stored to further elaborate or edit for future nights.

This concept was created using p5.js. The team created multiple iterations in order for an image output to synch with audio input.