In the past decades, parents have gotten used to working during weekdays and relying on schools for their children’s daycare. However, in times of Covid-19, parents have to deal with both tasks at the same time. The team conducted research to gain a deeper understanding of how ‘working from home’ parents are fulfilling children’s (2-10 years old) needs to be educated and entertained during the lockdown, as well as the positive and negative aspects of this change in their parents-children relationships.

No matter how much parents love their children, juggling between work and taking care of them, summed up to not engaging in their previous stress-relieving outdoor activities. Based on the following insight: “Parents need a safe space to express their feelings during this challenging time, but struggle to find the right moment without being judged”, the team came up with the concept VentArt. 

VentArt is a safe space for parents to shout out their feelings freely, away from their children. Thanks to an AI technology, parents can transform their negative emotions into AR art pieces. Helped by voice and motion sensors, stress levels are measured and parents are gently nudged to go to a safe space and vent their frustrations. Emulating an art therapy session, users are guided into an auto analysis, allowing them to understand their emotions while creating unique pieces of art in real-time

VentArt also reminds parents that they are not the only ones going through these rough patches, welcoming them to the VentArt Parent Community. A physical and virtual exhibition of these AR art pieces is conducted every year by the MOMA. This harbors a supporting community of parents all over the world.