Plexus is an interconnective workout map that encourages people to exercise virtually.

This project explored positive “seeds” of inspiration during the COVID-19 pandemic that might be carried through into the post-pandemic world. More specifically, the project team was interested in the following research question: Given the constraints of the pandemic, how is the concept of people’s home space influencing how they engage in physical activity?

Four different types of online research methods were used to investigate our topic – in-depth interviews, WhatsApp diaries, in-context immersion, and online polls. After working with approximately 15 research participants, several interesting insights were uncovered. Based on those insights and a new set of opportunity areas, a variety of concepts were created for people who are physically distant from one another to continue to be inspired to workout virtually and still feel socially connected to others.

Later, these ideas were developed into the concept Plexus to meet the needs of those exercising at home. Plexus is an interconnected workout mat that encourages people to exercise virtually. It includes real-time lighting features, group functions, and a final gesture to help people stay connected. 

Some of the key learnings for this project included: 

  • In-context immersion can be one of the best ways to understand people. 
  • Connecting with people emotionally depends on the right context and set up. 
  • It’s really important to always think about the larger scale impact of our work