the PLOW

The PLOW is a little pocket friend that was designed to encourage people in the built environments to take pauses and slow down in their busy life routines, to pay attention, and be more nurturing and appreciative of life around them.

The PLOW balls are distributed strategically in different hidden corners in the city, waiting to be found by busy people from different walks of life. When someone walks near it, it rings a delightful bell sound to attract users to pick it up.

The user can bring it and play with it for the whole day. It reacts differently based on how users treat them. If he/she doesn’t do anything to it, it will die quicker, as indicated by the reduced battery life and weakening glow. Its life depends on the users’ constant nurturing and attention. In return, the users get little joyful disruptions in their otherwise monotonous daily routines.

At the end of the day, no matter what the user does to it, it will still die, the user has to return it into its docking station where it was found, to charge it for its next brand new adventures.


It was created during Introduction to Interaction Design, exploring the application of metaphor in Bill Verplank’s interaction design framework, the relationship between the behavior of objects, the environment, and people.