This project explored how to give people a deeper awareness of natural emergent experiences in order to be more cognizant of ourselves in relation to the world around us. People in the subway often feel disconnected from the natural environment and have trouble feeling like they are a part of something bigger. That said, the team focused on how to bring an interactive experience to those riding the subway. 

Starling is an interactive subway installation in which subway riders have an interactive controller to guide their “bird” towards the collective. This experience is intended to leave individuals with a sense of belonging by sharing an experience with strangers in a subway. More specially, individuals riding the subway can grab a controller and interact with others in the subway car to evade predators or “swarm” together using a visual display on the ceiling of the train car. 

In order to develop the concept of Starling, several key methods were used. Through using metaphors and scenarios, the handle interaction was developed with more clarity and simplicity. Additionally, through body stroming a bird “swarm” interaction, a more complete view and understanding of the visual display for this experience was created.