People think they are above nature, our goal was to make them realize they are NOT above nature. 

A behaviour correction device for the future which gives you instant feedback when a wrong action is taken by socially excluding you from society. Even worse is that your friends and family share your burden to increase social pressure.

Story of the Concept

This product is set in 2050 when the members of the society are expected to wear face masks due to fear of infection of viral diseases. The government leveraged this opportunity to make a smart hood and tied it with civic duties in a resource-scarce world like wasting water, electricity, etc. 

The Prototype

The prototype is a headgear which has multiple levels of shame, every wrong action leads to an increase in closure of the hood. The hood is covered with black cloth, the selection colour to imply the ostracisation of the person from society. Each wrongdoing is captured by the headgear that calculates the “shame” level and sends this data to the servo motors connected on the headgear. The shame-o-meter also has a colour coding to stress the level of shame a person has already achieved the first being “I’m a disappointment” and the last level  “I shouldn’t exist.”

After a lockdown period of 24 hours, the headgear returns back to the normal. For the purpose of video showcasing, there were a lot of wizard-of-oz techniques in play.