Stock Artists

The Stock Artists visualizes complex currency market data in a creative and appealing way for the expert user, while also being friendly and approachable for newbies. The team chose to explore how to remix and visualize data in creative ways leveraging the team’s background in finance and art. Using an API, the team chose to visualize live currency market data to play around with how different types of data visualization could be integrated together in one seamless experience.

The main goal was to make the ‘data screen’ creatively stimulating, helping alleviate the stress users usually experience when currency market prices drop or rise.

There were two different approaches to visualizing the data. First, a simple graphic was implemented which would change based on the price. Second, a more artistic visualization which was then integrated in a website that the team coded from scratch using p5.js, HTML and CSS. 

On the left side of the website, the generative art turns dense as the currency price goes higher, and turns lighter when the price is low or stable.