Space Is Big

Space Is Big is a game that was developed in one week by a 2-person team after a week of learning programming basics using P5.js.

Space Is Big is a two player game about cooperative space exploration. One player controls the up and down movement while the other controls left and right. This gameplay style was inspired by other co-op games such as Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime as well as science fiction pop-culture.

Process started by first getting an object we could move around the canvas as well as setting a space background. Once that was completed, the next task was to incorporate a multiplayer library. This was provided by one of the instructors, Joshua Horowitz, and the team edited it to fit the game.

Once two people are able to control the same object, navigation is shared between two players with Player1 controlling up and down, and left and right with Player2. Together, both players co-pilot and visit different planets. As soon as they “land” on a planet, a new planet would be discovered and the exploration continues, for space is indeed very big.