Slidr was a fun four day project done during the Intro to Programming week. It aims at helping people get out of their ‘musical’ bubbles and help them explore more music and music from the years gone by.

Slidr allows the user to select a genre and then slide the year slider to a year they are interested in, from 1970 to 2020! Slidr then shows the most popular song from that year for that genre. Post launch, Slidr soon became a common music listening platform amongst a few students in the cohort!

Coded by 2 first time programmers, Nitin and Omar, Slidr is built on p5.js using Spotify’s API with an added layer of HTML, CSS to make the platform look like a website.

The team also explored more features from the Spotify API: search, creating a playlist, integrating machine learning into p5.js etc.