Monster Jam

MonsterJam is a multiplayer game designed for people who want to virtually meet with their friends to solve a challenge together. 


During the Intro to Programming class, students were asked to create an online multiplayer experience. The team was interested in working around developing an experience that could allow users to customize avatars and solve challenges together. They were particularly excited about how “monsters” might be incorporated into this experience.

MonsterJam is the multiplayer game that combined all these interests. As players enter the MonsterJam game platform, they are asked to breed their own monster in a pixel grid and write down their ‘rawr,’ or a message. Once they are done, the monsters follows the cursor while they join their teammates to collaboratively click 500 times on a circle in order for it to disappear. Each time a player clicks, the rest of the users can see their ‘rawr’. The circle represents people’s fear of coding. Once the challenge is finalized, individuals overcome their fears and become the next level coding monsters.

The process of coding was both enjoyable and frustrating. The team went into several iterations on the avatar creation process and the multiplayer function to achieve the final concept.