Childhood games were all about highly physical  engagements with friends. The basic nature of the games ensured fun irrespective of any gadgets or tangible objects. It didn’t matter what you are playing ,what mattered the most were the people whom you played with.

In the COVID-19 pandemic context, we all have been forced to live in our own bubbles, with little interaction with others. KOSMOZ changes that, in its own small ways. It lets you connect with friends remotely and gives you a chance to relive your childhood by engaging in fun little adventures.

KOSMOZ is a physically active online game that lets you choose from a list  of your body movements as tool to play with. You invite your friends to compete with each other by visually showing the status of the game online, which the players control through their agility in movement.The more agile and fast your movements are higher would be you’re chances to win.As the other person increases their movement speed, your chances of winning decreases thereby forcing you to play harder. The physical aspect of the game ensures and promotes fitness in peoples lives, specially in this situation of being home bound.

The power of computing and programming enables humans to create new ways of engagement and interactions even in situations that are restrictive and not so favourable at times.