Human Crossing

Human Crossing is a game inspired by the social distance of COVID-19. Social distancing is the only way to stop spread of COVID-19. This game is to resemble how one should maintain distancing from each other. Sanitization is a vital act of self protection. We should consider to be sanitized before and after exposing to other individuals to stop spreading the cause further.

Sachin and Atsushi tried to make social distancing interesting in virtual world, while staying in our own bubble. Moreover, they wanted to convey not only the importance of social distancing at public places but also the importance of sanitization when social distancing is not maintained.

In the game, you play with multiple players at the same time and you have to go through four check-points keeping social distancing from the other players. The game can detect and track your movement with machine learning and webcam of your laptop. So you control your bubble on the screen with your head movement.