Enchanted Forest

The desire for human contact and the call for adventure and exploration, are two of the most defining characteristics of our species. Under the current COVID19 situation, we are experiencing times where we are forced to stay home and avoid each other’s physical contact. As a consequence, our exploration endeavors have turned towards the digital world and our contact has changed form rapidly into a digital format.

Enchanted Forest is a multiplayer video game experience where the player explores anonymously an enchanted forest while meeting other players to share their journey together. Without the ability to chat or have a username that identifies them, players are prompted to develop an unspoken conversation and define how they want to continue their exploration journey. In this world, players have no other means of communication other than the chimes of bells signaling their proximity to other players. The forest has different environments where you can enjoy the poetic and calm experience of meeting others and exploring together.

In order to create Enchanted Forest, the team worked on p5.js, a Javascript library for creating graphic and interactive experiences. While being a visual library and the team added visual feedback for the player, they took advantage of the fact that sounds can be included in the program to make the experience more immersive. One of the ways the team did was by adding spatial sounds into the game map, so that when we player walked through certain parts, specific sounds were played and adding auditory feedback for players to look for each other. One of the main challenges the team faced was trying to adapt the code to be responsive for mobile devices in a short time frame of 5 days in which the project was developed.