Connecting Skies

Connecting Skies is an interactive, online experience where people can create their own constellations, name them, and stargaze together at everyone’s creations.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, our worlds have been divided. People were made to live in their own bubbles, with little interaction with others. This project explored new ways to connect people’s worlds together. More specifically the project team was interested in the following question: How might we create an experience that helps people connect their world with others?

Connecting Skies is an interactive experience where people can look into the sky, create their own constellations, and then stargaze at theirs and other people’s constellations. The online experience is intended to leave people with a sense of belonging by sharing a virtual stargazing experience with others. The online platform is simple to use and created with minimal interactions to simulate how people might typically stargaze with a group in-person. 

In order to develop Connecting Skies, the team used different tools to achieve the final result, including using pseudocode and sketching on paper to explain programming concepts. Also, the project used the P5.js javascript framework to set core interactions. However, the most complicated function of the program involved pulling and pushing information from a multiplayer database in order to have everyone’s constellation show up on the screen.