How do you perceive the world around you? Is it the same as your friend? Or different? Human sensory inputs are so incredible in that they help each person make sense of the world. This also means that everyone has their own unique experiences of sensing the world. There are several different ways people sense the world, including touch, sight, and smell. One way of perceiving senses that people know little about is synesthesia. There are currently limited tools to help people experience others’ perspectives, which is why In/Vision was created.

In/Vision is an exploration of understanding the world from a synesthete’s point-of-view, which is stimulation of one sensory pathway that is crossed with another sense, or a “blending of the senses”. Because only 2 to 4% of the population have this unique perception, an interactive app experience was created to help visualize and understand what combing two senses could be like in an engaging way. This app provides an overview of synesthesia, definitions of different types of synesthesia through interactive examples, and an activity related to each.

The process of developing this concept began through sketches and wireframes, visualizing how someone could learn through the lens of different types of synesthesia. Afterwards, mockups were created in Figma, and then moved into Framer and Origami. For the first prototype, Framer was used to code specific features, however realized later on that the logistical difficulty did not correspond to the desired output. The final interface was created in Origami.