Farm to Cup Journey

This prototype aims to educate customers about the second most consumed beverage in the world: coffee. It takes you through the arduous journey humble coffee beans take in reaching your cup. The coffee industry is under severe threat of pricing crisis and climate change effects. 

‘Origin Coffee Company’ takes its users on a fun interactive journey which they can explore after placing the order for their coffee. This is an effort towards making customers appreciate their coffee and develop empathy for people involved in the supply chain. 

Brewing: This phase gives the user the chance to select a coffee and a brewing style among the many commonly available options in specialty cafes these days. There is an option to read detailed information about the coffee and its origin and brewing style and its history. 

Growing: This phase explores the growing process of coffee which usually happens in the tropical part of the world. In this example, the famous region of Yirgacheffe in Ethiopia is shown. The long journey from farm to roasting plant in which coffee takes is shown through a map animation. 

Roasting: This phase shows the inside of a coffee roastery based in Seattle, USA. The user can play with the roasting level and its impact on the flavor profile of the coffee. The journey from Seattle, USA to New Delhi, India is shown through a map animation. 


Figma – Designing UI

Framer – For mid-Fi prototyping interactions – Research