With rapid industrialization and growth of big cities, human’s disconnection from nature and the rise of climate-related issues have increased. This design concept explores the augmentation of individuals with organic material to re-establish this forgotten sense of our connection with nature to experience the world in distress. This project works in the area of sensing earth, sensual computing, and speculative design.

Chromoskyn Concept
Chromoskyn is a living organic tattoo that represents the greenhouse gas level in the city. The color and shape of Chromoskyn changes in response to the level of carbon dioxide & other greenhouse gases in the vicinity. It helps us visualize in real-time the air quality of our environment and our impact on the same. This in turn, helps us develop our connection and empathy for our environment.

The Chromoskyn tattoo lives in a symbiotic relationship with the user, it is made of carbon-phylic seeds and water-based glue. It feeds on the body chemistry, skin composition, body fluids, and temperature imparting a unique characteristic for each individual. This Chromoskyn tattoo can be placed anywhere in the body like any other tattoo. Since it’s a living tattoo, it will keep growing and morphing. The user has the option to remove a part of it or entirely and plant it on a tree to continue its growth.

Our main theme is the concept of disbalance caused by humans in the natural environment. We explored disbalance to individual in many formats such as physical disbalance by joining legs, cognitive load by giving puzzles to solves while walking criss-cross, aural disbalance by clapping impromptu to someone’s ear, and space discomfort by enacting a CO2 molecule.

We proceeded by exploring low-fi prototypes of producing disbalance through affecting the equilibrium of the inner ear by giving audio feedback to the ear. Our mid-fi prototype included using P5.JS and WeatherAPI to explore real-time projection on the body using Kinect to explore the sensation of feeling pollution on the body.