Locopedia is a mobile application that enables expats to find local information and join local events within a certain neighbourhood based on their interests to help them settle in a new country. It considered the scenario of Non-Spanish Expats who have recently arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica and are looking forward to living here for at least a couple of years. 

Needs of Expats

  • Most expats want to know ‘local events’ to have more socially engaged lives in San Jose. 
  • They need different information and level of support depending on how they spent in San Jose. 
  • Payments and currency-related issues are a big headache. 

Features of Locopedia 

  • Hyperlocal: Enables people to find information/events in their neighborhood through a map-based interface.
  • Personalized: The Category Selection tool only delivers the most relevant & interesting information to the user.
  • People Interaction: Locopedia promotes high interactivity by making it easy for people to reach out to other people by providing a digital discussion panel.
  • End-to-End Integration: Locopedia also allows users to make the reservation and digital payments to avoid currency-related issues. 

Usability Testing Learnings and Results 

  • “It would make it easier for me to join discussion or events if I can know if my friends already join” – Social Media Integration. 
  • “What I want to know is different from what I wanted to know a few months ago.” – Multiple levels of Engagement. 
  • “I like the personalized feature of it, other event apps get too cluttered way too often.” – Quality over Quantity of Information.