Blue is a speculative mobile app that uses real time medical info to geolocate where people with MOVID-36 are in a city. It has several key features, including hospital bookings and notifications to important contacts.


During the Design and Ethics module, the team was posed with creating scenarios for a product, finding ways to improve it, and speculating how it would evolve in the future. The team started with a prompt focused on creating a mobile app to help alert people with COVID-19. During subsequent discussions, a new future scenario was developed where a fictitious global health organization created the Blue app to help combat MOVID-36, a new pandemic.

In order to make this future real, the team developed a speculative experience for users to think about how this future and the Blue app might impact them. The way that the speculative app works, is that it uses real time medical info to geolocate where people with MOVID-36 are in the user’s city. It has several key features, from including hospital bookings, to notifications to the user’s important contacts, to assuming control of the user’s devices to ensure that they are complying with their treatment. Each of these features was experienced by the users of our prototype.

In order to develop this experience, a speculative process was used. One highlight included using three different windows of ethics to view the implications of this future: Respect, Utilitarian, and Virtue. These lenses allowed the team to explore the moral predicament between personal choice and community well-being. An integral part of the process was getting feedback from those who went through the experience utilizing these lenses. This helped the team critique the initial app idea that was given to them at the beginning of the course and see the ethical repercussions that the product could have had.