In 2060, the resources on earth would become scarce, and humans would have to migrate to Mars in order to share resources better.

Black is a speculative design concept that helps people manage and share energy. In this future, every individual has their own personable Black rover. The rover walks outside, harnesses the power of the sun, returns to the household, and passes energy to a centralized port to power the house. The relationship between the rover and human is a seamless and autonomous one.

If there were a big celebration in the colony, residents would feel happy to attend and bring their rovers with them. Once there, humans command the rovers to join together (through a control band) and collectively power the entire party. The lights, speakers, and other features of the party would be grand due to the combined energies being utilized.


This project was an exploration of how energy could be democratized in the future. It focuses on care ethics and how having close-knit relations would stimulate a desire for sharing energy in a community, in a way that no one is left wanting.

The team explored several other ethical frameworks while designing the concept, such as respect ethics & the deontology approach. However, for instance, to have a fair and equal distribution of energy, the team decided to focus on care ethics. The team realized that even though the concept is utopian, it is most relevant when discussing restarting a civilization.