Heirloom is an online repository that stores the life lessons of those that have passed away to be shared with family members into a collective knowledge archive that can be accessed by the rest of society. Heirloom is an early-stage concept which was the result of 5 days biomimicry class.

Service Description

It works by allowing users to record videos, voice notes, or just serve as a journal where they can write their experiences and thoughts and decide how that information is going to be shared after their death. Heirloom allows family stories, recipes, and experiences to be shared and stored. It promotes the sharing of knowledge and wisdom to future generations so society benefits and respects its older generations.

Three-tier Data Classification:

  • Personal notes will be deleted after your passage forever.
  • Family-Only notes will be stored and only revealed to your loved ones after you are no more, in the form of a collection of all the information which they can re-visit at any time.
  • Public note entries will be shared with the rest of the society in an open-source format, for people to benefit and learn from your past knowledge and life experiences by leveraging on cyclic processes.

The Process

Two mentors were selected as inspiration:

  • The Mycelium Network: That transfer nutrients and distress signals to preferred beneficiaries artistically through a credible network.
  • Crows: Who stick close to the dead ones to learn about predators and share the information with others in order to avoid the situation in future scenarios.

Based on the question of how does nature transfers information or resources to other species near or after death in order to support themselves, a research process was started to determine natural systems of data and resource transfer between different or the same species near the moment of their death.