Aeolia Communities

If current climate change predictions are accurate, many island and costal areas will submerge due to rising sea water levels by 2050. In order to survive, many communities will either have to move or adapt to life above water.

This brief was powerful enough for the team to conceptualise a new lifestyle where humans adapt by creating modular self sustained ecosystems and connecting them to form a larger harmonic society. In order to identifying relevant life principles and define key life-centered functions for this future lifestyle, the team found a mentor in floating land-mats and peatland ecosystems.

This led to the concept of Aeolia Communities – small modular patches of floating areas built which supports biodiversity and microclimates. Aeolia Communities present a more holistic approach to living where every micro community is self sufficient by being responsible for individual actions. Waste management system facilitates to build new building blocks for the floating landmass.

The course of Designing Across Biological Scales opened up the possibility to understand nature as a resource book that could answer to every curiosity. Conscious study of nature and natural beings unraveled simple holistic solutions to complex problems. This course helped the team to look into nature as mentors for life-centred design to understand biological functions and embedded deep principles.