Coast to Coaster | Spirit of the Mountain | Shadow

During the Connected Objects course, students were introduced to the core attributes of connected objects and meaningful technology design. Coast to Coaster, The Spirit of the Mountain, and Shadow were the teams explorations around meaningfully designed connected objects.   

Coast to Coaster 

Coast to Coaster is a set of coasters that promote meaningful connections with loved ones in remote situations. It functions by lighting up when a family member is using the coaster and when both people are sitting down for a drink, the light changes color to signify a shared experience together. 

The Spirit of the Mountain 

The Spirit of the Mountain group based, interactive installation that connects people from Escazu to the Pico Blanco mountain through a live sound feed. It helps with a feeling of being part of a larger community, creates an action of gathering with others, and connects the city and nature to inspire people to be outdoors. 


Shadow is an artificial sundial clock that reminds us of the natural day/light cycles while also sensing the impact of light pollution. It helps us embrace the nature of time by helping us harmonise our lives with the same daily rhythms and cycles of nature by the cues of sunlight.